Monthly Archives: October 2011

You Best Finish All Your Playing Before You Go To Work

Who amongst us hasn’t been taught that before you get to play, you have to finish all your work?  Me, I’ve based my entire life on the premise.  Recently, and somewhat belatedly, I’ve realized a hard, cold truth.  That is, one’s work is NEVER done! And so, I’m staging my own personal protest!  I will play.  I will play when I ought to be doing the laundry or grocery shopping or vacuuming (can’t stand a dirty kitchen, so that’s not on the table – no pun intended).  I will play and create and take longer to make something than it would to buy it.  I am going to paint and get my hands dirty and make silly things that make me giggle.  And perhaps, out of all that playing, there might be something that I create that speaks to you too.

At any rate, I’m going to pursue my interests and enjoy my creativity and smile and laugh.  A lot.  Join me?  I hope so!