Bring On The Day

This morning I awoke from a fine night’s sleep in my own bed. I am excited to be up and about and ready to embrace the day.

My first venture into the world, as usual, was virtual and had the pleasure of reading my blogging buddy’s post for the day. Briggitte inspired me and delighted me with her insight as well as her excellent taste in music.

Zoe is the one on the right.

Then I got a call from my beautiful daughter, Zoe who makes me laugh, keeps it real and tells me the adventures of a single girl who’s livin’ the dream. Sometimes I live vicariously through her. I admit it.

So Monday is off to an auspicious beginning. I’m feeling the crunch of time and so many fun things to do. Have an excellent day, do something for yourself, feel the newness of the week and the opportunities before you!


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