I Am Uncomfortable

I am uncomfortable.

First of all, I am laying face down with my chin on a pillow and my arms stretched before me while I type this post. I do not recommend this position for ease, comfort or productivity. Yet I am not going to move until my neck cramps up.

Secondly, I am at an event that makes me go out of my comfort zone. Let’s describe my comfort zone. It involves me, by myself, likely in my studio, listening to audio books while I paint. This event, with 200 people and a wide range of interesting, accomplished, thought-thinkin’, life-livin’ Doers, looks nothing like that.

And third, I have a headache. Said headache may have something to do with my physical position, might have something to do with this event and all the stretching outside my comfort zone I’m doing, but likely has much more to do with life choices and options that lie dizzyingly before me.

Last night I ran into a well known life coach who happens to be a friend of mine. As we caught up with one another I mentioned to her that I usually have pretty good radar with people, easily able to get a read on them, their intentions and whether we would work well together. I explained to Rhonda that my radar’s off and I’m feeling a little out of sorts. The nice thing about having really smart people around you is that they can see the forest for the trees.

“That means you’re growing,” she said.

I am uncomfortable. My world is altering and morphing like a sci-fi movie on steroids and it’s a little scary and it’s a lot of intimidating. I’m having to make complex choices and then take responsibility for them. That’s just straight out uncomfortable.

So I let the wheels of my mind crunch on this for a while, and this is what I come up with:

It’s good to be uncomfortable. It means we’re not dead. It’s good to stretch outside the norm. It’s so much better to have good options to choose from than to feel like there are no options at all and feel stuck. And when it comes down to it, there really aren’t any bad choices, there are just experiences. And that’s why we’re here.

For now, I have already grabbed another pillow. I’m going to take some Tylenol, go for a run out along the water here in San Diego and then I’m going to head back into the event. And I’m going to take responsibility for every one of my decisions. Because I decide.

Cuz that’s how we do.


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