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One Time I Was Killed In The Woods

Many years ago I found myself in the middle of the forest on Mount Hood well past midnight. By myself, I had nothing but a wind up flashlight and an active imagination. I also had an ear infection, effectively plugging my left ear so that no sound could be accurately tracked to its origin.

The ear infection was a huge boon to my imagination and the four of us, me, the dim flashlight, my ear infection and my imagination had a hell of an adventure dodging all the criminally mentally ill escapees roaming about that night.

I had been asked to play the part of a pioneer woman for a youth group and with my escorts un-well, I’d opted to go it alone rather than abort my mission. I was perhaps only a quarter of a mile up the trail when I heard an unidentified thump just behind me.

I whirled around, certain I was about come face to face with the man with the hook of scary campfire fame. And there was nothing. Nothing but my wildly beating heart.

Possibly it is my memory romanticizing the moment, but it seems to me now, that just then the clouds parted and I looked up to the most beautiful, bright moon I had ever seen, crowned by the tall and imperial trees. Though I am no scriptorian by anyone’s standards, just then a comforting scripture popped in my fear enflamed mind, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

I have thought about that foolhardy night many times in the years that have past. I’ve thought about how silly and afraid I was. But most of all I’ve thought about being still. Being still and listening.

For much of my life I’ve tried to run to the next answer, do the next required thing and push away any feelings that weren’t “worthy” or “helpful”. Though I have thought of that night and that moment many times, I’ve rarely practiced what the scripture counseled.

How rarely we are still. How typical is it that we make our way with too little light and diminished senses. How often do we fill in the blanks of what we do not know with the most outlandish and improbable answers simply so we can say we know what the answers are?

Maybe the reason I’ve thought of that night so many times is that I need the message just as much now as I did then. It’s time to add it in to the practice.

Being still, how hard can it be? Right?

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Far Better Things Ahead

It is said that if we are depressed we are living in the past and if we are anxious we are living in the future. Or maybe we’re depressed because we’re living in a future in which we have no faith. I don’t know. I don’t know who said it and further, I don’t know if there was any credibility to it.

But it sounds right…

Most of the time I am living in the present and it is here they say one finds peace. Or was it peaches? Depending on the season.

It is definitely not living in the past I’m experiencing, but I admit I have lots of anxiety about the future. This future I am imagining, it’s full of new things I’ve never done before and many of which I’ve never even dreamed before. As such, you can imagine it’s pretty scary sometimes, what with new baby dreams running around making a ruckus in my mind.

Because I don’t know what I’m doing I spend quite a lot of mental energy trying to figure it all out. Well, at least I try to figure out the next few steps. And from all these mental acrobats, I think I have a few, just a few things, I do know for sure.

What I know for sure is that our plates are only so big. Once we’ve filled up the metaphorical plates of our lives, if we want to add in something else, we’ve got to clear something off that plate. Historically I probably would have tried to eat it, but experience has shown us this will only result in a stomachache and regret.

If we want something new in our lives something old has to go. What I’m finding is that the person I want to become wouldn’t have room for some of the Old Michelle things. Things like time wasters, keeping up appearances and empty relationships.

If we want to live lives we’ve never lived, we have to make choices we’ve never made and think thoughts we’ve never yet entertained.

Recently there have been days that have worn me out so thoroughly, I long for the comforts of the past. And then I remember living there would be depressing. There are times I am so perplexed by how I am to do the things I plan to do that I become anxious and sometimes overwhelmed.

But when I live right here in this moment and I remember to do what I can with what I have and start exactly where I am, it is then I can imagine living a life that simply astonishes me.

And you have to ask yourself, Why not?

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michelle & mary on stage

It’s Monday ~ A List Of Ten Comforts

After an intensive four days of meetings and travel, it comes as no surprise to me as I hurtle through the sky to my beloved Young Family Ranch & Zombie Apocalypse Sanctuary that I yearn for the comforts of our little oasis. With planes to catch and strangers to wrangle it’s the simpler things I seek this Monday and the week before us all.

Even if you’ve been smack dab in the middle of your normal routine, treating yourself to self-care and the goodness that fills your cup is always a good idea. Here are ten of mine:

  1. While eating out is nice and having someone bring our food and clean up afterward is always a treat, going to your own refrigerator and taking out that favorite snack, or better yet, making a home cooked meal is balm for the soul. I lean toward homemade chicken soup. Or scrambled eggs. You choose.
  2. Sometimes I dress for the day based on how much like jammies my outfit feels. Don’t get me wrong, I never wear sweats in public, but a long skirt and a cute jacket are more comfortable than sweats any day.
  3. Every one of us is a creator, an artist. Whether your art is painting, writing or parenting doing something that lights the fires of creativity is good for the soul. It’s good for your family when you’re in that zone and it’s good for the world. Give the world a gift and tap into your creativity.
  4. I mentioned hemp milk lattes didn’t I? Because they are nutty and rich and fluffy. If you want a fluffy drink I recommend this one.
  5. More than anything else, the way our week turns out has to do with how we show up in it. Show up cranky, disappointed and tense and let me know how that works out for you. Show up with your shoulders back and a smile that says to the world, “Bring it!” and I’ll show you a week that’s got super star written all over it.
  6. While I’ve worked the whole weekend and I am a bit weary, there’s no way I’m going to let Monday go by without making at least one step in the direction of what makes me come alive. Whether it’s a book I read or a call I make I will do something… and the Universe will reach up to meet me…
  7. When animals are tired or sick, they naturally take time, hunker down and get the TLC they need. Humans? We’re not that smart. We pretend, we power through and ultimately make a sketch situation worse by denying ourselves basic needs. Me? If I’m tired, I’m going to rest. Seems simple enough.
  8. Perhaps the best way to make ourselves feel good is to feel good. Just do it. Look at the world with childlike wonder and if it takes you all day to find something to be grateful for, spend your entire day looking for it. I guarantee you it will take but a moment to start a list of gratitude, feeling good and childlike wonder.
  9. For me, the best way to start the day out is by saving Facebook for later, email for mid-morning and exercise and meditation for first thing. Try it. You’ll like it.
  10. When my daughter was an intern at Disney World we packed our bags and brought our two youngest boys out to see her and enjoy the Magic Kingdom. Having Zoë there to show us the tricks to make it perfect made all the difference. She coached us through the whole process, pointing out interesting things people don’t see and better ways to use the park. All day and up until the very end she coached us. It was late at night when we got on the tram she gave me my final instructions. “Mom, people are going to rush for a seat, you’ve got to be assertive.” As I went to board the tram she whispered in her best coach’s voice, “Go! Make it your bench.” Yeah. Let’s make this week our bench.

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monday's your bitch

One Time I Was Eaten By Wild Dogs… And You Can Too!

feral dogs
Fought ’em off with my bare hands… Yeah… That’s how it happened…

Once I was stalked by a pack of feral dogs. True story. I had traveled to Guatemala with my modicum of Spanish language, voyaged through Guatemala City and lived for two weeks with a family I’d never met before, paying them a measly $125 per week for food and lodging.

It was on my way to school from their house on the outskirts of town when the dogs spied me as an easy mark.

On that same trip I’d gone on an excursion for the weekend, staying in a little hotel on Lago Atitlan that I realized I’d told no one in the world where I was going.

As the lights flickered and the doors, secured with what I thought of as a toilet stall lock, shook and rattled in the wind, I realized that a thoughtful traveler might carry a flashlight and would inform loved ones where their bodies might be found.

Lesson learned.

The end of the story is that I did, as it turns out, survive that trip as well as many others wherein I found myself in equally sketchy circumstances. I tell you not because I am silly ~ though clearly I am ~ but because there are very few mistakes we make in life that will ultimately be fatal.

I submit to you that a trip without feral dogs or sketchy, banging doors isn’t fatal and is, in fact, a learning experience, a risk and ultimately an adventure.

It was Dr. Seuss who said in his classic tale, Oh The Places You’ll Go, “You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go.”

I have never once regretted the risks I’ve taken. Rather, it’s been the times I chickened out, the events I was too nervous to attend, the chances I didn’t take that have haunted me.

You know. You know what you’re capable of. And if you don’t know you at least suspect what you have hidden inside you.

Take a few chances, they don’t have to be big. Test the water, and find out what you’ve got hidden deep inside that’s just dying to get out.

And if you need a little help, give me a shout. I’ve got your back and experience with wild dogs. We’ve totally got this.

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When I Grow Up I Want To Be Roger Bannister Or The Mad Hatter

While I don’t think Sir Roger Bannister’s name is automatically associated with awesomeness, I submit to you that it should be. Not everyone is a runner and certainly only a small percentage of us are British, but Sir Roger Bannister is so much more than the sum of his parts.

What presently inspires me about the man is that he shattered an illusion. The first man to run the four minute mile, in the 50 years since, many athletes have broken the time. But only because Roger did it first. Someone had to.

Because we see barriers where there are none, we are in essence creating them. We entertain so many limiting ideas, thoughts and words that accompany us through our every day interactions and our far too pedestrian thought patterns.

carrol-quote1Reality is a construct. Truth is a perspective. Don’t believe me? Ask Roger.

In Sir Bannister’s day, the four minute mile was a human impossibility. Everyone believed that our species was limited by our physicality, and that was the truth.

Only Rog, I don’t think he’d mind if I call him Rog, he thought differently. And so he did differently. And so we do differently. And the human species has since cut time off his best. But let us be clear, someone had to change the truth. It took only 46 days for his record to be broken. So much for the truth.

It is our obligation to be the very best that we can be. Perhaps it is not just important, but imperative that we at least try to see things bigger, better and possible, by looking to those brave souls who have blasted limiting thinking and broken previous concepts.

We are creatures of infinite worth. We are brave souls with limitless possibilities and with just one go-round for this life, there’s no reason to pad, pamper or ponder. There is every reason to throw caution to the wind, believe the unbelievable and be exactly who you are. No, be exactly who you can be. No apologies and no worries about that pesky truth.

The only truth to worry about is being true to who you are and to the possibilities before you. Someone has to.

We owe it to one another to break the barriers. Just like Roger Bannister. And the Mad Hatter too.

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How Blessed We Are To Have Lost

It is a distinct honor to be alive. Miraculous even. And I have lived these past 47 years in some remarkably blessed circumstances. That I cannot deny.

And so it is that when I say I have known loss, I am not complaining. Far from it. I am simply looking over the years of my life as they have unfolded and I am taking the bitter right along with the sweet.

The losses I have known were of a variety of kinds. Certainly disillusionment when we went through the whole jail ordeal. let-it-go-temporary-tattoo-t4awDisillusionment with the government and with the idea that good always wins over evil. It was a nice fairytale while it lasted. In fact it was one of my favorite bedtime stories.

I’ve lost big chunks of family in one fell swoop. That’s gotta smart, ya know? And I’ve lost belief systems in entirety. I’ve lost friends and I’ve lost family.

We’re all losers. That’s a given.

What we often fail to do is note what happens after the loss. We miss the big signs that are there for the taking.

I have lost and I’ve been in full-bodied pain, but even more interesting than that has been what sneaks in to fill the void. What creeps into our souls and sustains us, makes us whole, makes us more fully human.

It is not then, surprising that after years of healing and the practice of letting go, when I look at my life I see the greatest lessons were the losses. I see now that when I lost the most, I gained the insight into what true happiness looks like and where real peace can be found.

Maybe it’s that when we lose what we thought were unquestionable truths, we then have the freedom to truly embrace the transient nature of everything and in doing so we don’t have to grasp those “truths” so tightly. We can look for magic and wonder where once all we had was security.

Security is a poor substitute for magic. I know this. I thought I had one of them and when that turned out to be a mirage I gave in to the other.

Here is to the gift of loss, to the naked truth of transience and fallibility. Here’s to giving in to the whims of The Universe and perhaps finally, someday, embracing the fullness that was there all the time. We just had to be stripped naked to receive them.

Silly Universe.

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I Bet You Did THIS Today

As I write this I am thinking about you. I’m thinking about the friends I know who read these musings on a regular basis, I’m thinking about the “friends” I have never met, yet still find time to wander by my corner of cyber-reality.

bill murray awesomePerhaps I have never seen your face or heard your voice. And even so I want to commend you. While I might not be familiar with your specifics, I know you try. You try to be kind, do the right thing, give and serve and love. To one degree or another, you try.

For every time you’ve said, “Yes!” to life, every time you’ve stepped up to the plate, I want to give you a virtual high five. Whether or not you thought you were successful, whether or not you won the prize, got the promotion or succeeded on that diet, here’s to you.

If you have, indeed, won the prize, soaked in the applause or finally met that one, elusive goal, then I say, “Way to go, pal! Really! That’s totally awesome.”

And if, like most of us on most days, you did what you could, took those painful baby steps and even so can’t tell if you’re closer to that goal or not, give yourself a hard-earned pat on the back. You deserve it.

It isn’t whether or not we reach the top of that mountain that really matters. It doesn’t matter on any particular day that we set out to accomplish what we intended to do. What really matters is that every day we give it another go.

Maybe because when we finally hit that goal there is always someone to give us the “Attaboy” we’ve been longing for, we need one even more when we’re still on the path.

It’s not all Rocky Themes and adrenaline on the road to success. Sometimes we need a cheering section even more for the slow parts.

Today I am thinking of you, I am humming the Rocky Theme and I am impressed as hell that you chose to get out of bed. Again. Go you!

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How To Succeed At Your Best Failures

If you were to ask anyone of my children what the definition of an adventure is, they would all respond virtually identically.

“An adventure is something you’ve never tried before. You might like it, love it or hate it. The important thing is that you try.”

Do not tell them, but this particular definition masked my anxiety as my little band of midgets accompanied me out into the world. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I was trying and by damn, they were going to come with me.

Denis said it best.

They would also tell you, each with their unique voice and perspective, that some of our adventures they liked, some they loved and some they absolutely loathed. I would have to agree with them. There were the sucky ones too. There is always “suck” in the adventures from time to time.

One time I took all five of my children, aged 15 to 1 on a hike that accidentally turned into a nine-mile ordeal. I have a difficult time thinking about my then four-year-old son’s wobbling legs before we finally picked him up. Oopsy…

Here’s to adventure!

Beyond the joy of discovering things you never knew you loved, or hated, are the stories you accumulate. Telling a story of a flawless one mile hike with one’s children isn’t nearly as interesting as an almost abusively long hike and my children stepping up to help one another back to our camping spot. At the very least, a botched adventure usually gives you a great story and a few good lessons to go with it.

Adventures are on my mind as this morning I begin another for myself.

I’ve loved life coaching my private clients and today I begin my first group coaching event.

I am way more excited than I am nervous. But I am nervous. That’s how I know it’s an adventure.

We travelers on the road of life seek many things. We seek connection, knowledge, comfort and joy. Even more, we wish those things for the people that we love, and for good reason. But today, because my heart pounds a little bit faster, because I know I could most certainly fail, but also that I might fly, I wish for you adventure.

May your choices be wise and wild, may your dreams be clear and crazy and may you seek adventures more than comforts.

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The Killer On The Road

The other night as I drove home my mind was racing faster than the speed limit I was breaking. It is a long, long drive to the Young Family Ranch & Zombie Apocalypse Sanctuary. In the dark winter months with the fog and the rain, it can seem remote in a burdensome way.

Not that night though. That night I had things on my mind and time was flying by. I didn’t even have the radio on, I was so far into my head. I was off the freeway and headed through the dark, narrow roads to the house when the car behind my started behaving in a way that seemed erratic.

Everything is scarier in the dark.
Everything is scarier in the dark.

Too close on my tail and flashing their bright lights off and on, their turns following mine, I became nervous. A long drive that was flying by became a slog weighed down by anxiety. Anxiety is the molasses of emotions.

I was wound pretty tightly and beginning to form emergency contingencies when I made a right turn and my would-be stalker/rapist/guy from a scary story with a hook – went straight and I was delivered from certain death.

That’s when I noticed my lights weren’t on. Yeah… I was flying blind. A menace to society. An exercise in ridiculousness.

It’s interesting to me how quickly I jumped from what was going on with me to what was going on elsewhere. I am concerned to think that before I investigate my own behavior I am painting the car behind me as a lunatic serial killer.

It turns out most people want to help us at least more than they want to kill us. This is a comfort all.

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Ten Best Quotes From Albert Einstein

Albert-Einstein1I have a total quote-crush on Albert Einstein. Who doesn’t, amiright?

A new year, a new day and new thoughts to think. Let’s get this party started with a few words from today’s sponsor:

1. “Reality is only an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” It is not an accident I put this quote first. It is the one quote I would take with me to a desert island. It is the thought I pet when I cannot fall asleep.
2. “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious.” This is the quote that convinces me that Al and I could be great friends. We would be lunch buddies with John Berger and Gandhi.
3. “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” There are so many ways to educate oneself. Why do we put such finite parameters around knowledge?
4. “Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy.” What is left to say…?
5. “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Yeah, that happened.
6. “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” If I had a nickel for every time I knew something but didn’t live it and breathe it and understand it…
7. But I take heart, because as Albert would say, “You never fail until you stop trying.”
8. “It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.” Yeah… That’s what I’m talking about. Stay curious.
9. “In the middle of difficulty is opportunity.” So deeply, satisfyingly true.
10. “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious ~ the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”

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