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If You Can’t Be The One You Love ~ Love The You You’re With

The newest experiment of Michelle’s “Finally Fit Forever” extravaganza is in full swing. I am in week 5 of the program and so far so good. As it turns out, 5 weeks is not long enough to attain that “smokin’ hot, swimsuit body” I’ve always dreamed of, but in reality I may have to wait for the next lifetime to achieve that particular goal.

At this stage in the game I am finding some pleasant side effects nevertheless. Sure, my jeans are a bit looser, my face a bit thinner, but most of all I feel better. I mean a lot better.

Years ago I was tested for food sensitivities and because of this, there are days I scan the refrigerator and the pantry and I find the only possible food options are a too ripe apple and maybe a tortilla chip.

On my not-so-cranky days I do much better.

What I’ve discovered over the past 5 weeks is that apparently when the doctor told me to avoid some of the particularly toxic foods I’m sensitive to, he meant it.

Weeks out I find the aches and pains so prevalent in the days preceding FFF are all but gone. I can run faster, jump higher and that pernicious limp due to unexplainable foot pain is receding into the horizon. It’s like the ghost I know I saw until it disappears and I wonder if I ever saw it at all.

Only more painful. And it really was there. For sure. We know this because you could see me limping.

Why is it so difficult to do what makes us feel well? Why are we drawn to things that might temporarily give us a kick but will in the immediate future make us regret our decisions?

The catalyst that brought about my FFF Extravaganza had zero to do with a lack of energy and all over body pain, and everything to do with 2 upcoming weddings and a class reunion.


The most difficult part of a change is getting started and perhaps it doesn’t matter what precipitates healthy change, what matters is only that we make them.

I do not get on the scale to see my progress because it makes me insane. I now measure success by how I feel, how I look and by the fact that I have a well-being about me that had long since eluded me.

I could not have foreseen how much better I was going t feel in just a few short days. And if history repeats itself, at some point I will forget to eat what makes me feel well and love myself not as I can become, but as I am.


Do me a kindness, would you? When I forget, will you remind me? And I’ll do the same for you.

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Punch Monday In The Face ~ A List Of Ten Ways

A Sunday afternoon nap is a thing crafted by the gods and delivered on the wings of shimmering, blankie bearing angels. Monday morning wake-ups are made of tougher stuff and delivered without fanfare, never ushered in, but dropped on our doorstep like an unwanted orphan.

Regardless of the delivery, they are both realities. I needn’t advise you on what to do with that long-gone-nap-heaven, but I can help you with the grit that can be your Monday morning. Here, for you, I deliver ten things:

1. Doesn’t matter how quickly I jump out of bed, it takes me a good deal of time to “arise and embrace the day!,” unless, that is, I workout. I know, I know. It’s Monday AND I’m telling you to sweat. We’ll keep it simple if this is not your gig. Do some sun salutations, participate in some blood pumping jumping jacks or go all out and do a Beach Body workout. Quit whining and just do it. No one ever regrets working out. Never.
2. Put a bottle of water on the side of your bed and before you do anything else, drink that room temp, hydration down. Thirsty is never happy. We’re trying to get our happy on here. It’s the simple things that are magic and water is magic. Drink up.
3. Look, this is not a health blog and so I feel no shame in offering you caffeine. As I’ve mentioned, the hemp milk latte is made of the blood of the war gods. Learn it, know it, live it. You won’t be sorry.
4. Join me and Brian Tracy, say it like you mean it, say it loud as you throw yourself out of bed, “I feel terrrrrrrriffffffic!” You can mean it later.

Including Monday’s

5. Monday’s can be daunting so you want to look your best. Choose your favorite clothes to meet the day. It’s little, but it’ll help you throw those shoulders back and yell, “Come and get me, Monday! I knew you were coming, it’s why I put on my dancin’ shoes.”.
6. Plan a little something to look forward to. We never look forward to having to get out of bed, unless we have something awesome on the agenda. No one ever dawdles on their way to Disneyland. While Disney may not be on the program this Monday morning, there’s always room for delight and planning something for yourself today will take the edge off.
7. Ignore the email, Facebook or texting for just a little while. Make it an hour. At least. Wake up and spend a bit of time with yourself before you invite the entire world in. The better you know how you’re feeling as you go into the day, the better you can choose what to put into your day.
8. Eat protein. Like some eggs. At least eat some sort of breakfast. Don’t be like a moody sixteen year old skulking out the door with a “you don’t understand me” attitude on your shoulder. Fuel up and the world will thank you.
9. It’s never an option I start out with, but if the day is just too much, you’ve been running on empty for too long, perhaps it’s time to opt out of Monday. Close the curtains, make some popcorn and watch a BBC series marathon on Netflix. I suggest The Paradise. And no, this is not a good idea if you did it last week or even the week before. But every once in a while the world will keep spinning without you. Mental health day!
10. We each have our morning rituals that get us started and signal the beginning of the adventures before us. Taking a few minutes of meditation and contemplation, quiet time with you and your own version of God, perhaps it’s the only recommendation one needs. Breathe in, feel the energy surrounding you and know that regardless of the weather, it’s gonna be a bright, bright sun-shiny day.

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Get Out Of Bed! ~ A List Of Ten Morning Hacks

With the advent of my latest venture into what I like to think of as, “Finally Fit Forever” I am having the best time getting up in the mornings. By this, I mean that when the alarm clock goes off I neither feel like crying nor do I put the snooze on. I simply get out of bed and get going.

That’s a total win in my mind.

There’s a whole lot of clean eating and some really great workouts involved in my FFF program, but these things are not the only way to put a bit of pep into the morning.

I submit ten of them for your pondering:

1. Brian Tracy is a personal development guru. I listened to the Psychology Of Achievement often when Mr Dreamboat was away at Prisonyland. One of the things Brian espouses is that the way we get out of bed is a choice. If you have something to look forward to you don’t hit the snooze. In his 70’s inflected voice, Brian urges us to jump out of bed and say with all the energy you can, “I feel terrrrrriiiific!” Do that. It works. Even if you’re not feeling it.
2. Sure, it seems like a cheat, but I won’t deny caffeine is our friend sometimes. I prefer natural, Vitamin B type drinks, and of course the perfection that is the hemp milk latte.
3. Drinking a big glass of room temp water is a blessing to the digestive system. Do it before you’re an hour down the road and you’re starting your day out dehydrated.arise
4. Turns out my FFF program clued me into the idea that I have not been eating enough food. Breakfast was a green smoothie that had more spices in it than actual fuel for the day. Start out with some healthy proteins and find yourself better equipped to face down the dragon.
5. Speaking of facing dragons, one of the best ways to get your motor humming in the mornings is to pack at least one think you’re looking forward to into every day. It’s like putting a finger on the scale in your favor. Go to your favorite store, rent a movie, plan dessert. Just one tiny thing you’re looking forward to is enough to bring a smile to your face.
6. To that end, before you even get out of bed, take all your mental focus and pay attention to the many, many things you have to be grateful for. The warm bed you’ll be leaving soon, the hot water that will make up your shower and the vehicle that gets you on your way out the door. Just stay in gratitude for a few minutes before you get on with the business of the day.
7. Make your bed. This is a gift you are giving to your future self. It signifies the end of sleep and the beginning of the day. Then when you come back to your bed at night, you’ll think about the gift you created for yourself in the morning and thank Past You for your Present Gift. It’s weird. It works.
8. Listen to music that doesn’t necessarily match the mood you’re in, but music that matches the mood you want to be in. See…
9. A few yoga stretches, some sun salutations and the day looks a little brighter. Think of it as stretching out for the marathon that will be your day.
10. Almost more important than anything else is the way you talk to yourself. Starting the day out with a little, “You’ve got this!” and a few, “You’re beautiful”s is exactly the ticket to help you face the day.

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Fear Is Not The Enemy, Twinkies Are

Fear is not your enemy, it’s not bad, brave people have it just like the rest of us. Frankly, fear gets a bad rap.

Were our ancient ancestors here to give us the 411 on fear, they would give it three cheers. It’s why our species continues on to this day, a healthy dose of fear and big brains. We win!

The reason fear gets a bad rap is just like anything else. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

I’ve made it clear that up until now (this is life coach wording), I have struggled with my weight. I’m an expert on nutrition and health. I’m a veritable Wikipedia of diet knowledge, having tried them all, to one degree of temporary success or another. It’s my Achilles heel. My kryptonite.

Up until now.

Thursday morning my newest attempt arrived in the mail. I opened it. I read the books and my dear, close friend, Fear popped in to say “Hey.”

“Hey,” I responded back. I did not intend to make him feel welcome, though he always lets himself in without knocking on the door.

He’s a skulker, that one. Mostly he skulks around my brain, looks at me in the mirror, smirks and whispers things like, “Don’t get excited about this. You’ve tried so hard, why will this time be any different?”

He doesn’t stop there. “If you tell people about this, you will simply fail publicly. You may not want to even mention it to Mr Dreamboat. He’s heard it ALL before.”

Snarky, little Demon.

risks-and-dangers-are-real-but-fear-is-a-choice-4That’s when I remembered he’s there to protect me. Fear is there to keep me from bruising both physically and emotionally. “Thanks, Fear! I need that!”

And even though fear is our friend and even though I know he’s really the Godfather of our little species, there’s a place for him and it is not in the driver’s seat and it is NOT in my kitchen, workout room, not my studio or even the back seat of my car.

Fear belongs in the trunk.

Fear can bang around there in the back and truly put up a ruckus when we’re legitimately in danger. I am not in danger and so I tell fear to, “Shut the hell up.” But in a nice way. Friendly and all.

This is me, me being brave, and telling you that I am once again on a journey. I am eating super clean, learning about my habits and I am hopeful, so very, very hopeful that this is the ticket to the wellness I have so long desired.

Hope rides shotgun with me every time. Buckle up!

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