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Magic Monday

Having read both Corrie Ten Boom’s The Hiding Place and Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning in the last six months, when yesterday dawned with frustrations and challenges, Zoe and I decided to claim the day as “Corrie Ten Boom Day”, complete with gratitude for everything that happened and was happening. EVERYTHING.

Carrie and her fiance’ Dakota joined in the challenge and the game was on. I have to admit that it was easier for some of us than it was for others. Zoe is currently a Imagecollege intern at the world’s largest amusement park and entertainment company. I’m not naming names———->

As you might imagine, it can be an amazing, sparkly experience of love and good will to all men to work in The Kingdom, and other days, with crowds of indulging, somewhat entitled families with the expectation that they’ve arrived at the happiest place on earth, and you damn well better make sure they’re happy… it can be a challenge.

Yesterday was fraught with spring storms, flooded offices, rides breaking down and a two hour shift extension. Of the four of us acknowledging Corrie Ten Boom day, Zoe had her Imagework cut out for her. That said, when I talked with her at 3 a.m. East Coast time, she simultaneously admitted how horrible the day was, and had a laugh in her voice and a charm about it that sounded a lot like gratitude in all circumstances.

My only real challenge for the day was that Max’s flight was delayed and I had a frustrating time trying to find a bathroom at midnight in an industrial part of town. I’m not going to share the whole story, but I will admit that a have bark dust slivers in my unmentionable nether-parts. I am grateful for a dark, dark night.

As our day of gratitude was definitely a success, I asked Zoe what we should do with today. 
“Magic Monday!” She declared! At first I thought it was an extension of the Corrie Ten Boom Gratitude Day but she clarified immediately. Today we’ll spend the day trying to make magic for other people.

This is why I adore that girl. She’s action oriented.

So today is Magic Monday. Zoe has challenged me, Carrie & Dakota and I’m quite certain all of you to make magic for others today. I believe that service to others is gratitude in action. We are each so blessed. There is so much to be grateful for, and so many opportunities to bless the lives of others, even in small and simple ways.

Let the wild rumpus start! Happy Magic Monday