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Ten Things I Like

We live in the Age Of Stuff.  It’s a pithy title and you can quote me if you want. Stuff is all around us and we regularly go to the store, run to the thrift shop or surf the internet in order to get more of it. Some of us do all three. We are excellent procurers of stuff. 

Don’t stop reading! I’ll not lecture you on being a generation of materialists. No, I will throw in my two cents about the stuff that makes me smile:

  1. My George Foreman grill. It really is all that and a bag of chips. No muss, no fuss and quicklyImage and without added oil will grill my salmon, chicken breast or even a sandwich if I put it in just right. George is there for us.
  2. Apple products. I’m not talking about an organic, delicious, heirloom fruit. No, I’m talking about the brilliance of Steve Jobs who lives on when I track my runs, tap into the internet at the cafe with my iPad or listen to an audio book on my iPod. These electronics are ubiquitous. And I love them because they give me the opportunity to use the word ubiquitous.
  3. Smartwool socks. Wool socks are naturally cool, naturally warm and Smartwool are the way to go. And they have cute styles.
  4. Yummy smelling shower gel. To think that our forefathers used soap made from potash and lye, makes my sensitive, twenty first century skin redden and peal. I choose awesome, natural, great smelling shower gel. And I am glad to have a hot shower in which to use it.
  5. Sushi. Technically not a ‘thing’ but let’s be honest, this delicacy wasn’t available to the Imageaverage American 100 years ago. Somehow it is a comfort food to me. Yum.
  6. Luxury cars. Whether we drive them or simply appreciate them from afar, they are works of art and vehicles of comfort.
  7. Cell phones. Mr Dreamboat was in the industry before they were normally available, so the portable phone has been a part of our lives since they looked like large, gray bricks. Whatever did we do without them?
  8. The internet. Does it count as a thing? For me, it counts as a thing to the power of a gazillion. It gets us places, it teaches us stuff and satisfies our need for inconsequential information at any random moment (like that moment when we need to know exactly how old Valerie Bertinelli is).
  9. Scarves. I have a whole slough of them in my closet. Sometimes I wear them to keep Imagewarm, but sometimes I put on a scarf and a big, round pair of sunglasses and I could swear I am glamorous (and then I remember that I sometimes share my home with goats, and I know that it’s an illusion).
  10. Books. Audio books, digital books, paperbacks and hard bound, used, new and in the discount bins. I love books.

‘Nuff said.