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It’s Monday ~ A List Of Ten Comforts

After an intensive four days of meetings and travel, it comes as no surprise to me as I hurtle through the sky to my beloved Young Family Ranch & Zombie Apocalypse Sanctuary that I yearn for the comforts of our little oasis. With planes to catch and strangers to wrangle it’s the simpler things I seek this Monday and the week before us all.

Even if you’ve been smack dab in the middle of your normal routine, treating yourself to self-care and the goodness that fills your cup is always a good idea. Here are ten of mine:

  1. While eating out is nice and having someone bring our food and clean up afterward is always a treat, going to your own refrigerator and taking out that favorite snack, or better yet, making a home cooked meal is balm for the soul. I lean toward homemade chicken soup. Or scrambled eggs. You choose.
  2. Sometimes I dress for the day based on how much like jammies my outfit feels. Don’t get me wrong, I never wear sweats in public, but a long skirt and a cute jacket are more comfortable than sweats any day.
  3. Every one of us is a creator, an artist. Whether your art is painting, writing or parenting doing something that lights the fires of creativity is good for the soul. It’s good for your family when you’re in that zone and it’s good for the world. Give the world a gift and tap into your creativity.
  4. I mentioned hemp milk lattes didn’t I? Because they are nutty and rich and fluffy. If you want a fluffy drink I recommend this one.
  5. More than anything else, the way our week turns out has to do with how we show up in it. Show up cranky, disappointed and tense and let me know how that works out for you. Show up with your shoulders back and a smile that says to the world, “Bring it!” and I’ll show you a week that’s got super star written all over it.
  6. While I’ve worked the whole weekend and I am a bit weary, there’s no way I’m going to let Monday go by without making at least one step in the direction of what makes me come alive. Whether it’s a book I read or a call I make I will do something… and the Universe will reach up to meet me…
  7. When animals are tired or sick, they naturally take time, hunker down and get the TLC they need. Humans? We’re not that smart. We pretend, we power through and ultimately make a sketch situation worse by denying ourselves basic needs. Me? If I’m tired, I’m going to rest. Seems simple enough.
  8. Perhaps the best way to make ourselves feel good is to feel good. Just do it. Look at the world with childlike wonder and if it takes you all day to find something to be grateful for, spend your entire day looking for it. I guarantee you it will take but a moment to start a list of gratitude, feeling good and childlike wonder.
  9. For me, the best way to start the day out is by saving Facebook for later, email for mid-morning and exercise and meditation for first thing. Try it. You’ll like it.
  10. When my daughter was an intern at Disney World we packed our bags and brought our two youngest boys out to see her and enjoy the Magic Kingdom. Having Zoë there to show us the tricks to make it perfect made all the difference. She coached us through the whole process, pointing out interesting things people don’t see and better ways to use the park. All day and up until the very end she coached us. It was late at night when we got on the tram she gave me my final instructions. “Mom, people are going to rush for a seat, you’ve got to be assertive.” As I went to board the tram she whispered in her best coach’s voice, “Go! Make it your bench.” Yeah. Let’s make this week our bench.

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Punch Monday In The Face ~ A List Of Ten Ways

A Sunday afternoon nap is a thing crafted by the gods and delivered on the wings of shimmering, blankie bearing angels. Monday morning wake-ups are made of tougher stuff and delivered without fanfare, never ushered in, but dropped on our doorstep like an unwanted orphan.

Regardless of the delivery, they are both realities. I needn’t advise you on what to do with that long-gone-nap-heaven, but I can help you with the grit that can be your Monday morning. Here, for you, I deliver ten things:

1. Doesn’t matter how quickly I jump out of bed, it takes me a good deal of time to “arise and embrace the day!,” unless, that is, I workout. I know, I know. It’s Monday AND I’m telling you to sweat. We’ll keep it simple if this is not your gig. Do some sun salutations, participate in some blood pumping jumping jacks or go all out and do a Beach Body workout. Quit whining and just do it. No one ever regrets working out. Never.
2. Put a bottle of water on the side of your bed and before you do anything else, drink that room temp, hydration down. Thirsty is never happy. We’re trying to get our happy on here. It’s the simple things that are magic and water is magic. Drink up.
3. Look, this is not a health blog and so I feel no shame in offering you caffeine. As I’ve mentioned, the hemp milk latte is made of the blood of the war gods. Learn it, know it, live it. You won’t be sorry.
4. Join me and Brian Tracy, say it like you mean it, say it loud as you throw yourself out of bed, “I feel terrrrrrrriffffffic!” You can mean it later.

Including Monday’s

5. Monday’s can be daunting so you want to look your best. Choose your favorite clothes to meet the day. It’s little, but it’ll help you throw those shoulders back and yell, “Come and get me, Monday! I knew you were coming, it’s why I put on my dancin’ shoes.”.
6. Plan a little something to look forward to. We never look forward to having to get out of bed, unless we have something awesome on the agenda. No one ever dawdles on their way to Disneyland. While Disney may not be on the program this Monday morning, there’s always room for delight and planning something for yourself today will take the edge off.
7. Ignore the email, Facebook or texting for just a little while. Make it an hour. At least. Wake up and spend a bit of time with yourself before you invite the entire world in. The better you know how you’re feeling as you go into the day, the better you can choose what to put into your day.
8. Eat protein. Like some eggs. At least eat some sort of breakfast. Don’t be like a moody sixteen year old skulking out the door with a “you don’t understand me” attitude on your shoulder. Fuel up and the world will thank you.
9. It’s never an option I start out with, but if the day is just too much, you’ve been running on empty for too long, perhaps it’s time to opt out of Monday. Close the curtains, make some popcorn and watch a BBC series marathon on Netflix. I suggest The Paradise. And no, this is not a good idea if you did it last week or even the week before. But every once in a while the world will keep spinning without you. Mental health day!
10. We each have our morning rituals that get us started and signal the beginning of the adventures before us. Taking a few minutes of meditation and contemplation, quiet time with you and your own version of God, perhaps it’s the only recommendation one needs. Breathe in, feel the energy surrounding you and know that regardless of the weather, it’s gonna be a bright, bright sun-shiny day.

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Little Known Facts About Monday ~ A List Of Ten

punch today
In the good way…

I believe Monday is the most unfairly maligned day of all the days. I get it. Working for the man has got you down, you may have participated in activities that have you a bit tired and worn out for the rest of the week. Sure. I really get it.

But what is often overlooked is the freshness of beginning the journey of new week. It has just as much potential to be THE BEST WEEK EVER! as it does to be a sorry status update on an increasingly bereft Facebook page.

I submit to you that Monday is sacred and can be utilized as such.

1. Admit it, if you’re tired, it’s not because it’s Monday, it’s because you may have engaged in nefarious activities that did not prove wise on your part. This is not Monday’s fault. I propose a Monday Eve tradition of hydration and sleep. Think about the implications…
2. A Monday morning ritual of your favorite warm beverage and a brisk walk could be a game changer. Think about your cells celebrating the new week with you, all caffeinated and aerated from your beverage of choice and your Morning Constitutional. Admit it, you wish you’d thought of this a long time ago.
3. Another day, another dollar. Sure, maybe you don’t want to work for the man but really, you’re working for yourself, for your family and for freedom and the American (insert your alternate reputable country here) Dream. Let’s keep perspective here.
4. Look, Monday’s are not for the faint of heart. But you’re brave. Walk out that door with your shoulders back, knowing you’ve got this!
5. For years Monday evening has reigned in our household as Family Night. It’s run the gambit as far as activities are concerned but it’s something fun every time. Maybe you’re alone, maybe empty nesting it, whatever. Set it aside as an evening of personal/social edification and put your own particular stamp on it. Or there’s always football…
6. They say to check your smoke detectors on the Spring and Fall Daylight Savings dates. Why not make Monday your day to put gas in the car or the night you have dessert or the day you have coffee with a good friend? Like, “Every Monday I look forward to…” fill in the blank. Okay, maybe not the gas in the car thing. I’m winging it here. It’s not all going to be gold.
7. Monday morning, and it’s not too late even if you’re reading this later, can be your day to take one baby-little step toward a dream. Vacation, education, fitness, whatever you choose. Who wouldn’t look forward to that?
8. At the end of a Monday, or the beginning of your workweek, whichever day that is, you know you’ve survived one more Monday. You’re the Queen/King of Monday. You made it your female dog and it bows to you, positively bows to you in defeat. Yeeeeeeah. Feels nice.
9. I’m all about owning your power, and giving it away to a day of the week seems like a huge percentage of wasted time. After all, how accurate are our calendars? For all you know it’s actually a Thursday based on the one, true, unknowable calendar. We may never know what day we’re really on.
10. Every day, Monday being no exception, is a day in which we can experience magic and wonder. It’s simply a matter of deciding and acting upon it.

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Want An Extra Month Each Year? Yeah, Me Too.

It is 7:40 as I begin to write this post and I feel every minute of the 30 I have squandered before I began. I have deviated from the plani-must-work-harder and it is only the eighth of the month. If I’m being blunt, I feel frustrated and discouraged by those 30, apparently powerful, minutes.

It’s probably not just 30 minutes.

We are a household of positive thinkers and goal oriented and actioned people. The new year is just another opportunity to evaluate, plan, implement and direct our lives. I believe this year I wrote a total of 3 posts about new year resolutions and that’s just because I was holding back.

Mr Dreamboat and I recently spent a lunch date reviewing a motivational talk he’d listened to and precisely applying it to my life and then to his. I found areas of strength and areas of weakness. But the most fascinating of the handful of bullet points on the list was the idea of going to bed one hour later and getting up one hour earlier.

Reading the suggestion was intoxicating. I was simultaneously doubtful and seduced by the idea that someone could give me two whole extra hours in each and every day. Our guru had done the math and he was offering me an entire extra month of productivity EVERY SINGLE YEAR! For free!

As Monday morning was the first day of the first full week of January, it was time to start accumulating my extra month. The timing was perfect. I have to get up early to take Chase to school since Mr D is out of town. The alarm goes off at 6 a.m. and boom! I hit the ground running. Family over late the evening before? That’s okay. I can stay up to get the work done. Super power hours at my disposal!

Wednesday morning. Day Three. I should have 6 extra hours at my disposal at this point, but I’ve just squandered 30 of them because I got home and I’m tired and cold and P90x doesn’t sound at all appealing when you’re tired and cold… and then there was the extemporaneous two hour nap my body demanded yesterday afternoon and now I don’t have 6 extra hours, we’re down to 3 and half, and I went to bed on time last night, which means 2 and a half. What was the name of the genius who suggested I do this?

I’d call him but I don’t have the energy.

But still, I. Want. My. Extra. Month. I want to be like Martha Stewart. I want to be beautiful and successful and sleep only 4 hours a night. I want to be noteworthy and admirable and I want to accomplish more in a day than people thought humanly possible.

But it turns out I am a human. Nothing more.

I need this. That is all.
I need this. That is all.

Perhaps my achilles heel is that I need every minute of the eight hours of sleep it’s suggested we need. If I can finagle 9 hours, everyone is better off. It’s just how it is. These are the cards I was dealt.

Maybe the achilles heel is not that I need my sleep, but that I forgot we are unique flowers with specific requirements to help us grow. As we set goals for ourselves, those personal requirements should be taken into consideration. One man’s extra month is another man’s kryptonite.

When we admit our needs and embrace our brilliance, we’ll find the sweet spot.  While I might not be doing it in the wee hours of the morning or in the darkness of a late night, you can be sure I’ll be looking for it.

I’ll let you know when I find it. Whatever day it finally is, it will probably be some time around noon. And it will look like this:



Sunrise V. Sunset ~ You Be The Judge

photo 1 (3)I am finally home – home. I’m not just physically at my primary place of residence. I’m all the way invested in being here. I can tell because the dishwasher is running and I feel a little bit overwhelmed by everything I need/want to do.

I love the holiday season for its ability to take us out of our everyday mindset. For that matter, it’s why I love traveling. We’re just a little bit more present when we shake up our routines, take a different route and go outside our normal comfort zones. It is my contention that while most of us get out of bed every day, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re awake.

This morning I arose early to go about my morning obligations. There was no ignoring the alarm clock. My radio show is live in a few hours and I have deadlines looming before me like giant storm clouds demanding I seek cover. My heart rate is higher than it’s been in weeks!

As I stood in the kitchen after running Chase to his early morning class, I was delighted to see the bright pink sunrise blossomingphoto 2 (2) before my kitchen window. I cleaned out the refrigerator, organized recycling and made myself a green smoothie, all the while bathed in the rosy splendor of an early morning rich with commitments.

And it was in the early morning light that I realized the holidays and vacations and times of leisure, they’re often about the sunsets. We gratify ourselves with mornings spent in bed and comforts to pamper our souls and we fill ourselves up on sunsets and candlelight and cosseting.

And even though the alarm clock was every bit the jolt to my over-indulged system that you would expect, there is a distinct satisfaction in getting back to the work that needs to be done and in the pleasure of a generous sunrise to go with them.

I don’t think I could choose between sunrises and sunsets, they’re just different, and beautiful in the contrast.

photo 3 (2)

Overindulgence & Turning It All Around

I may have eaten too much over the holiday weekend. In fact, if you’re a betting person,

This is just the right amount of gross.
This is just the right amount of gross.

you’d wanna bet that I did, indeed, eat too much over the holiday weekend. It didn’t start out like that. I usually ease into these things and there’s a slow erosion that occurs and once we’re near the finish line, once I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I take a nose dive into obesity.

The good news is I don’t start there. The bad news is that I visit the neighborhood at all.

Not to fear. Don’t you worry about me! It’s Monday, it’s the beginning of December and as we all know, each day, each hour, each moment is an opportunity to turn the car around. It’s a split second decision to get out of the bad neighborhood and head toward greener pastures.

Not only do I love a new beginning, I love the view along the way. And I LOVE the opportunity to do something new. Which is why I’ve signed up for a fitness challenge. Right? At the beginning of the holiday season? YES!

This is e being Adventure Girl. You can tell by the hat.
This is e being Adventure Girl. You can tell by the hat.

I am… Adventure Girl! And I’m here to shake things up. I am here to experience something new and I am always, ALWAYS, looking for the next thrill. So it’s either Adventure Girl or sociopath. I prefer the former.

The sermon I am not ordained to preach, my parishioners, is that even though it’s the holiday season, and you’ve done what you do for however many years you’ve done it, there’s always time to change it. Shake it up a bit. Try something new. Dare to take a chance, dare to fail.

Me? I’m betting on myself for December. I’ll do my radio show, please won’t you tune in, and I’ll start P90x and I’ll shake things up and I’ll try new stuff that scares me and I’ll revel in the rush of unsure footing.

Come on… You know you want to try something new. Let’s rock this December. I’m betting on you too.

living the dream

Monday Morning Motivational ~ The Pep Talk I Could Use

It is a busy morning… in my head. I have things to do and thoughts to think and a new adventure to begin and I am positively… well… I’m not sure there’s a word for it in English. It is somewhere between terrified and exuberant. It’s in the neighborhood of scared, only if you take a left and head down the street toward hopeful, that’s closer to where you’ll find me.

And though I am headed down paths unknown to me with the debut of my radio show, really, each of us begins a new day, a new week, a new hour somewhere in that same neighborhood. And we usually judge the outcome of that hour, day, week or project fairly harshly. We find fault when we end up being human, short of perfection, long on disapproval.

Me? My plan for the morning is to take it as it comes, smile at the opportunity and call it a success because I am willing to fall. And in the willingness, in the attempt, it is possible I will learn to fly. And when push comes to shove, that’s all there is to it, to simply try and call our willingness to be vulnerable, success.

At least that’s my story for today, and I’m sticking to it. Wish me luck, but better yet, tune in. Come be a part of the game and send me happily on my way.

Here are the deets: Go to drkevinradionetwork.com at 10 a.m. Pacific, 11 a.m. Mountain, 12 p.m. Central and 1 p.m. Eastern.

Click the pic at 10 a.m. Pacific, 11 a.m. Mountain, 12 p.m. Central and 1 p.m. Eastern.

My First Radio Show Guest ~ Introducing My Very Own Canadian!

Yesterday I finally went in to have some important documents transferred to digital. I felt like such a big girl. It was one of those things that I’d been procrastinating and I finally put it on a list. Those lists, man, they’re powerful little tools of accomplishment.

Anyway, I went into the little hole in the wall business and waited my turn for the one man show to start performing for me. Brian was a pleasant sort of fellow with a sadness about him that told me it wasn’t today that made him sad, but all the days and weeks and months and many of the years that had preceded today.

But he was nice enough and we went over what I wanted done and he graciously complied.

I bring this up because somehow in the conversation I mentioned my radio show airs this coming Monday (SHAMELESS PLUG…). He asked what it was about and when I explained it’s about living life more like you’re playing, being happier, feeling gratitude and joy and interviewing the many people who accomplish this on a regular basis, his response was,

“That’s impossible. No one lives that life.”

I responded like a MASH unit to a battle zone, “No! Dude! It’s possible! I have a bitchin’ cool life. We all can!”

He simply replied with a conversation stopping disbelief, “Huh. Good for you.”

I totally want Brian to come along for the ride with me, but I don’t really think he’s my target market. Anyone who has already decided Life At Play isn’t a possibility, is right. Not with that kind of attitude.

But you? Well, you’re here aren’t you? You put up with me and my ramblings, you generously comment and at the very least you sit at home mocking me, and that’s something right there.

So today I am introducing you to one of my favorite people. I’m introducing you to the woman whom I will interview on Michelle At Play on Monday morning at 10 a.m. PST on Dr Kevin Radio Network, on my show debut. You know her as “My Very Own Canadian”. The rest of the world knows her as….

Ms. Andrea Reindl!

This really is Andrea. Yes, she DOES like sushi.

Passionate. That’s the word I’d like to be remembered for. In business, time with my kids, alone time or with my family being passionate is where it’s at. Helping you build your message and company around what you do best is what I do best. I love to take your brilliance and make it understandable, clear and concise. Then take those concepts and shine them up a bit. Add some pretty graphics and multiple layers to show your brilliance to your future raving fans.

Four years ago I was introduced to the world of Personas, 12 Steps of Intimacy and The Wizard Academy, I fell in love the first weekend. The concepts around different types of people and decision making styles jazzed me up beyond belief. I studied under Roy H. Williams amongst others and have now created dozens of messages and brands using this technique.

Just a bit of back story…born with the horrible condition of ‘Build A Better Business Syndrome’ I’ve spent my whole life as an entrepreneur. My Mom’s value that she instilled in us was that she wanted us to be able to look after ourselves. By the time I was 9 I was making and selling crafts at the local Farmer’s Market, later to be followed up with a business selling custom fit bras. (yep – for real!)

In the past 15 years I’ve, climbed the ranks of a multi level marketing company to be the youngest leader at the time, tried my hand at owning a residential real estate portfolio (still have a bit of that left), & worked with multiple clients helping them brand their companies. I currently co-own Promote A Book an organization dedicated to helping thought leaders spread their message. We have a fun mix of tools we use to work with clients to help them brand themselves. I am a Myers-Briggs certified facilitator and love to talk anything to do with people and behavior, I’m fascinated with what makes us tick.

I have 2 beautiful kiddos, my biggest joy and proudest accomplishment in life is being blessed as their mother. They’ve truly taught me more than I could have imagined.

It looked a lot like this.

The rug from my room is gone. I am glad for this. It needed to be removed almost three years ago, and still it sat, badly, in my room, under my bed, not really matching and bunching up around the bed posts, tripping me and being an inconvenience in general.

It wasn’t easy to remove and the reason it finally went was because we got a new mattress and box spring and thus were deconstructing the room to a certain degree anyway.

On its own, I really liked the rug. It was old and had what I like to think of as a “patina” to it, which really just means it was worn out in places. I really liked the colors too. There wasn’t really any magical sentiment to it, I just bought it for a different room in a different house off of ebay. I liked the rug. Even though it didn’t work anymore.

Now that it’s gone, my bedroom looks bigger and I don’t snag my feet or trip over the save roombunching. The pleasing colors that were not so pleasing in this room are gone and I have a $100 bill in my wallet. This is a much healthier scenario.

But what is up with that? Why, oh why, would I keep something that doesn’t fit the floor, the coloring or add value to my life? Why did I keep it so long?

Now that the rug is gone and I am $100 better off than I was when I was constantly irritated by an ill-fitting, ill-placed rug,I have to ask the question,

“What else in my life doesn’t serve me that I’m holding onto?”

What habits do I have that aren’t helpful, what things in my life are taking up space and energy but not really benefitting me? But more importantly, if I were to remove the things from my life that aren’t serving me, what space would be opened for the things that I really want in my life?

It’s time to do some metaphorical housecleaning, my friends. There’s so much good out there waiting for us, we just have to clear some space for it.

make room

The Bottom Of The List

Television consumption is not an option for me, though I don’t eschew all TV. It’s not that I feel pious about not watching, as I

Guilty pleasure.
Guilty pleasure.

admittedly did when I was younger and more judgmental. It’s just that there are so many things I’d rather do instead. TV doesn’t even make the top twenty for me right now. Besides, when my head’s about ready to explode from the projects I’m working on, there’s always Netflix to ease my pain.

I began my day yesterday at the crack of dawn and didn’t make it to 10 p.m. before I was sound asleep. In between 5:30 a.m. and sawing logs, I took Chase to and from school, wrote a blog post and two chapters for my book. I sent out my 2nd round of Dares (referencing new business I’m building), we went to a movie for family night, I ran 7 miles, I made a doctor’s appointment, & etc., etc., etc.

24-inner-childThe one thing I did NOT do on my list was my scheduled play date. The one thing I’d chosen that was to feed my soul, make me smile and remind myself to play, was left until the very end, and then ignored, rebuffed and all around disrespected. Ironically, one of the chapter’s I was focusing on for the book is about tapping into the inner child to get things done. I think I may have put my inner child down for a nap and then made her sit in the corner quietly waiting for the rest of the day.

I try and live what I preach. But I preach what I do because it’s sometimes hard to live. And so I’ll to say it again. For myself;

Do what you love. Give in to your inner child. Live, love and create and all the other areas of  your life will benefit from it.

My list for this day is just as long today as it was yesterday. I’ve rolled over play time from yesterday’s list, and this morning I’m going to respect my 8 year old Michelle’s desire need to get out the watercolors and make something lovely.

I hope you’re making time for the fun stuff. It is certain that making lists and moving forward are essential to making progress, and sometimes progress looks  a lot like play time. Make play time happen.