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Sexy Men ~ A List Of Ten Things

Yesterday Mr Dreamboat returned from a business trip. It was a fairly short trip comparatively, but even still I was so happy to have him home. The longest we’ve ever been separated was a mere 14 months and one week. But even four nights, like this last trip, is too long. Two nights is my maximum, chosen length. But I never get to choose.

Soooooo lonely…

It’s not that I can’t handle things on my own. I had four children at home, 3 businesses to keep an eye on, 3 houses to build and an inmate husband’s visiting schedule to manage when he was on the big trip. Yes, I am certainly capable of handling my affairs and the affairs of my family alone. I just don’t want to.

I suspect this is true for most people. We were made to pair up. We were created to have a mate and to share the burdens of life. And so I noticed within a few short minutes of Mr Dreamboat’s return yesterday, the many things I find attractive about him. 

Here are ten characteristics I believe are universally attractive:

  1. A man who cleans up dog vomit is SUPER sexy. True story. That’s what prompted this post. Mr D dug right in upon returning home. Let us not limit it to dog vomit. Let’s be honest, the man who cleans up anything disgusting is sexy as hell.
  2. When we, occasionally, turn into crazy people, the man who can “handle” us, not take the craziness personally, but not damn us for our random insanity, is very attractive.
  3. A man who revels in our successes as much as he appreciates his own is drop dead gorgeous.
  4. Smart. Smart men, smart people in general, smart is attractive. But not smarmy smart. Not condescending smart. That’s just irritating.
  5. It’s cliche’, but Mr D with our grandson… that is nothing short of über attractive and adorable and heart melting with a cherry on top. Men who are good with children, a shoe in for deliciously enticing.
    During commercial breaks I sometimes do this move.
  6. I am an idiosyncratic person. I have a weird, sometimes dark, sense of humor, some enthusiastic but peculiar dance moves and my intermittent neediness. I suspect this can be burdensome at times, but a man who can appreciate a woman’s eccentricities, what’s not irresistible about that?
  7. Kindness may be the most appealing of all characteristics. Show me a man with a generous and kind heart, and I’ll show you a real catch of a man.
  8. I really believe we’re all more attractive when we take care of ourselves. Some healthy food, a little exercise from time to time, and a little self discipline go a long way down the road to absolutely fetching.
  9. A thoughtful man is absolutely beguiling. If I were waiting in the car, and someone came back with a Diet Coke and a Chic-O-Stick, in my case, I’d be undone. Who wouldn’t be?
  10. If you can laugh with me, if we can find life funny in some of the most demanding of circumstances, now THAT is downright irresistible.



Never Sip From A Teacup When You Can Drink From The River

Yesterday and again today, I find myself with a fairly loose schedule. Mr Dreamboat and ImageMax are in Las Vegas at CEO Space and Chase has an obligation to do quite a lot of homework. Lovely Lucy has insured that my home is spit spot clean and so I find myself with some time with which to do as I please.

I don’t know what to do with it.

I think we get so wrapped up in our ‘need to’s and our ‘have to’s that we forget about our ‘want to’s and when there finally comes a time to do them, we’re left wondering what they were.

Perhaps it looks like this.

What if we put our “musts” aside sometimes and really focused on our “wants”? And further, what if our “wants” are the things that really “need” to be done? What if they’re the things that will truly “bring the sexy back”?

Please don’t worry about me. I will find a way to dive into this day and consume it with all the pleasure of a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cone on a hot summer’s day. That might look like cleaning out my closet, or it might be an entire day spent in my studio. Perhaps a combination of the two.  It all depends on what I choose.

If it were up to me, your day would spread out before you like a delicious picnic and you Imagewould do all the things that light your fire. I hope you find that elusive extra time, and when you do, I hope you know just what to do with it. 

Merry Thursday.